Beauty Treatments with Anna


Anna gained her Master’s degree in Cosmetology following five years intensive study, before setting up her practice in the Helmsley area eleven years ago. Married with two children, she loves the area and the friendliness of the people in North Yorkshire.

Beauty is said to be only skin deep, and no amount of make-up can disguise a poor complexion. Skin is our largest organ and we all need to take care of it to remain healthy and youthful. As individuals, no one facial works for everyone, so each of my clients receives personal treatment. I believe in getting back to basics: rejuvenating outer layers of protection by treating problem areas and rectifying damage caused over time. Clients soon feel good about looking good as the benefits of restoring and maintaining their skin to its optimum health become visible. I believe in keeping things simple - as simple as A B C!

Care requires reliable products in capable hands. Nadia Payot, one of the world’s first female doctors, established Payot in 1920. Inspired by Anna Pavlova, she used her medical, scientific and herbal expertise to develop a range that has a history of success. Payot was selected for its effective, therapeutic qualities and affordability. Although items are available in the salon please be assured there is no obligation to purchase. More information is available at

We welcome everyone, male and female, of every age. Whilst we’re happy to advise on make-up choices, our primary aim is to care for the skin and promote a naturally healthy complexion.

Body Treatments

Anna offers a full range of massage treatments as well as manicures and pedicures.

Facial Treatments

Your skin treatment is specifically designed for you and discussed prior to commencement. Procedures include deep cleansing of face, neck & d├ęcolletage using steam spa treatment and detoxification masques, followed by the application of individually selected skin products and an intensive, relaxing muscle massage using soothing elixirs. Alphabet Skin facials are designed to balance the skin, address rehydration, anti-ageing and any skin problems you may have.

Please note that as your skin treatment is specifically designedfor you it may last up to 2 hours.

Teenage Facial

An early skincare regime helps to promote a healthy complexion and minimises the need for extensive skincare products. This treatment is specifically designed to target problems often associated with young skin, including acne/post acne, pigmentation and sensitive skin. It is appropriate for teenagers of all skin types.

Packages and Vouchers

We are happy to arrange packages at special prices for all treatments, together with gift vouchers for family and friends. Or simply treat yourself - please ask Anna!


All pricing is available on our prices page.